Fitness Platinium Zamość

Completely outfitted club with power machines, fitness accessories and free weights.

Our cooperation is with the company Total Fitness Concept, based in Krakow, for outfitting us withgym equipment and accessories for group activities. The process of ordering the equipment was verysmooth and in many instances we were able to achieve having high quality equipment andreasonable prices. The polyurethane free weights Apus Sports produces are well made, high qualityproducts and I am convinced they will serve us for a long time.

The regenerated Impulse benches look brand new, the same is with the regenerated Impulse Sterlingmachines which were repainted and reupholstered. Truly they look as good as originals. The paintjob and the upholstery is of the highest quality. We were able to order a bench for shoulder pressesat an excellent price, it was in „used“ condition which we could not detect; the condition of thatbench was so good that it did not need to be regenerated, which is possible in accordance with theinformation that I recieved from Total Fitness Concept.

The regenerated Impulse Benches look new, as is the same for the Impulse Sterling machines whichwere repainted completely reupholstered. They look as good as new equipment. The paint job andupholstery installed are very professionally completed. We also ordered a shoulder press bench at agreat price in used condition „as-is“, the condition it was in did not require any regeneration which isa service that Total Fitness Concept offers. Part of our order were fitness accessories such askettlebells, fitness mats for Pilates and other excercises. The newly upgraded Pilates mats were ineven better quality than the previous ones we had ordered from Apus Sports and they have anawesome new storage rack for them which looks great. This is an excellent sign that the company hasgrown in a positive way which in turn is represented in the high quality of the products and servicesthey offer. The warehouse that Total Fitness Concept operates out of is really impressive, it is reallyexpansive, clean, orderly and very well-stocked.

Taking into account all factors, I can totally recommend doing business with the company Total Fitness Concept when you need gym equipment and fitness accessories.

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