Fitness equipment service and maintenance performed by Total Fitness Concept specialists involves comprehensive servicing, repair, and maintenance of various types of training machines. Our services are addressed to gym, fitness club, and other sports facility owners, as well as private customers using fitness equipment at home.

Our specialists have experience in the area of repair and diagnostic testing of various types of fitness machines. Regardless of whether you have a problem with a treadmill, training bike, strength machine or any other gym device, our technicians will effectively diagnose the issue and carry out any necessary repairs.

A TFC service technician conducts detailed diagnostic tests on the machine in order to identify and find the cause of the problem (e.g. mechanical, electric, program issues), and implement the best possible and optimal repair plan.

After identifying the problem, our specialist carries out a proper repair of the device. It usually involves replacement of damaged parts or broken or worn elements, as well as belt, bearing, system, and control panel adjustment.

Regular fitness machine maintenance is crucial for ensuring their good condition and safe use. The TFC team will check the technical condition, clean, preserve and adjust the machines, and identify any potential problems before they become serious.

If you buy a new fitness machine and need help with its assembly and installation, take advantage of our services. Our team of specialists will ensure professional and safe installation, calibration, and programming of the equipment, so that you can start using it right away.

If you have any questions regarding fitness equipment, its maintenance, and safe use or if you would like to obtain advice during the purchase process, our experts are more than happy to help. We provide professional advice and recommendations to help you keep your equipment in a good condition and optimise your training.

If a fitness machine is missing a part or you need to replace worn elements, we offer delivery of original spare parts. This way you can be certain that your machine will be repaired using high-quality elements.

Fitness machine service and maintenance by TFC is addressed to both owners of gyms, fitness clubs or other facilities with sports equipment and private owners who use such machines at home.

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Professional fitness machine service and maintenance at Total Fitness Concept

Ready to provide comprehensive service and repair of training equipment to gyms, fitness clubs, and private owners.

Our team includes experienced technicians, who have the knowledge and skills required to diagnose problems, repair the machines, and ensure their proper maintenance. The service process begins with a precise problem diagnosis. Thanks to our experience and advanced tools, we are able to quickly and precisely identify the cause of the failure and begin work aimed at eliminating the issue.

The scope of service and maintenance work offered by TFC specialists is very broad. We replace damaged parts, repair mechanical elements, remove electrical faults, and optimise machine operation. Our goal is to restore the fitness equipment to its full functionality, so that the customers may continue their training without hindrance.

We know well that regular maintenance of fitness machines to ensure they are in a good working condition is crucial for their long-term performance. This is why we offer maintenance services and conduct periodic inspections to make sure that the machines work correctly and there is no risk of any serious faults occurring.

The Total Fitness Concept service also ensures availability of high-quality spare parts. We have our reliable suppliers, who deliver original parts and high-quality substitutes.

Yes, our service is addressed to customers from all over the country. Any repair work is carried out onsite by our technical team.

When it comes to the prices of our fitness machine service, they are determined individually by our service manager after he becomes familiar with the scope of work. It is best to contact him directly in order to establish the scope of work.