OEMMEBI is an Italian manufacturer of fitness equipment for gyms, fitness clubs, and other facilities, as well as for home use.


The history of the company goes back to the 1980s, after in 1978, its young founder decided to establish its three main pillars, to which the OEMMEBI brand remains faithful to this day.

  • Less is more, so functionality and simple form are combined with straightforward design.
  • A selection of the best quality materials for extended product lifetime.
  • Professionalism at every stage of work, from the first phase of machine production to customer service.
The brand established in Venice has followed its principles for 40 years now, presenting pure Italian design, professional manufacturing, and attentive customer care to its users.

Total Fitness Concept as OEMMEBI’s European distributor

The OEMMEBI brand quickly started conquering Eastern markets, winning a major part of the region. In 2020, OEMMEBI decided to also establish its presence in the European market.

Since then, our company, Total Fitness Concept, has been the OEMMEBI brand’s European distributor. We believed in the quality, innovation, and precision of workmanship, and now we offer it all to our customers.

maszyny regenerowane

Wide range of workout equipment

OEMMEBI’s offer includes cardio machines: bikes, elliptical trainers, cross-trainers, and treadmills, weight stack machines, plate-loaded machines, racks and benches.

We encourage you to come and test the OEMMEBI equipment at our showroom in Kraków.

Equipment available off the shelf

We have a large number of OEMMEBI machines readily available at our warehouse in order to shorten the customer’s waiting time for delivery. We realise that the availability of fitness equipment nowadays is very important and is of significance to customers, which is why we maintain stock of OEMMEBI equipment at a consistent level.


Popular remanufactured machines