Our warehouse currently houses thousands of strength and cardio machines, available off the shelf to our customers. You can come, see and examine the machines, and talk about the terms of cooperation.

Working with Total Fitness Concept, you can purchase refurbished machines – during the refurbishment process, their functionality, performance, and durability are restored nearly to a level of new ones. We also offer new machines from an Italian brand, OEMMEBI. It is also possible to order used machines, delivered “As Is”.

Used machines delivered As Is at TFC

Most of the used machines in our warehouse are machines from recognised brands, such as Technogym, Life Fitness, and Precor. These brands don’t need introducing – they are market leaders. They are well-known for the quality and durability of their machines, which is why our customers often decide to purchase machines from these very brands, but in a used version – usually several years old, post-lease. Our attractive offer goes hand in hand with their good working condition and performance. Plus, the customer can certainly always count on us when it comes to service and maintenance, and the support of our experts.

Used machine repair

At Total Fitness Concept, after arriving at our warehouse, used machines always undergo a technical condition assessment. Our specialists check whether all the components are in a good condition, whether there is no damage, and whether all the functions of the treadmills, bikes or other machines work properly. After passing these tests, the equipment is sent to the customer. However, if something concerns our mechanical engineers or a machine does not pass the assessment, we start the repair and maintenance process. Repairs usually include replacement of any damaged parts, cleaning or adjustment.


Used gym machine inspection at Total Fitness Concept

After repair and maintenance, the machines’ performance is tested. Our quality control department specialist makes sure that all the functions work correctly and as intended.

Used machine delivery to the customer

Regardless of whether the used machines underwent repair or not, before being shipped to the customer, they are always cleaned and prepared visually.

In order to additionally protect the customer, our company provides a warranty on used machines, which is arranged individually by our account manager.

Right before shipping, the machines sent to the customer are checked one last time. We want to be 100% sure that all the technical and visual aspects meet the customer’s expectations and our standard of work.


Of course, we offer used equipment from Technogym. We also offer Life Fitness and Precor machines. The equipment can be viewed at our headquarters in Krakow by appointment with our Customer Advisor.

At Total Fitness Concept we have a foreign and domestic sales department. Depending on what market you are referring to, it is best to talk to such department.

Foreign department: +48 668 185 414
Domestic department: +48 531 111 152

You can also choose a public contact, and you will definitely be redirected to the right person.